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British World English influence

1 mass noun The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

count noun
effect , impact
power , authority, sway, leverage, weight, standing, prestige, stature, rank, ranking, position, social position, station, connections, contacts
example for , example to, exemplar for, role model for, model for, guide for, inspiration to

2 Physics archaic Electrical or magnetic induction.

Have an influence on.

affect , have an effect on, exert influence on
sway , bias, affect, prejudice, colour, predispose, suborn
persuade , convince, talk round, talk into, win over, bring round, sway, coax, induce, inveigle, impel, incite, entice, tempt, lure, cajole, manipulate, prompt


under the influence

informal Affected by alcoholic drink or drugs.

intoxicated , inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin

Late Middle English: from Old French, or from medieval Latin influentia ‘inflow’, from Latin influere, from in- ‘into’ + fluere ‘to flow’. The word originally had the general sense ‘an influx, flowing matter’, also specifically (in astrology) ‘the flowing in of ethereal fluid (affecting human destiny)’. The sense ‘imperceptible or indirect action exerted to cause changes’ was established in Scholastic Latin by the 13th century, but not recorded in English until the late 16th century.




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McCartney performed two outlet online shop free shipping online FitKicks Active Footwear Womens SlipOn Shoes pick a best cheap price cheap Manchester qbu7AI56d
of "Yesterday" on 14 June 1965. ASOS Chelsea Boots In Grey Leather With Distressed Sole extremely online sneakernews sale online cheap sale 2014 unisex cheap fast delivery uF93td
[28] Take 2 was deemed better and used as the best seller cheap online buy cheap purchase Adidas By Stella Mccartney laceup sneakers sale latest collections comfortable cheap price recommend cheap online EmkE4fkDgu
take. On 17 June, an additional vocal track by McCartney and a string quartet were clearance extremely high quality online JASLYNN Espadrilles discount pictures outlet locations cheap online 2014 new 9IduMnCnb
on take 2 and that version was released. [28]

Take 1, without the string overdub, was later released on the Tantric Black Patent outlet low price fee shipping nqwxNQmIG
compilation. On take 1, McCartney can be heard giving chord changes to Harrison before starting, but while Harrison does not appear to actually play, he was most certainly present because his voice is captured on the session tapes. Take 2 had two lines transposed from the first take: "There's a shadow hanging over me"/"I'm not half the man I used to be", [29] though it seems clear that their order in take 2 was the correct one, because McCartney can be heard, in take 1, suppressing a laugh at his mistake.

In 2006, just before the album was released, George Martin elaborated on the recording set-up of the song: La Redoute Collections Leather Heeled Sandals with Gold Detail low cost for sale release dates cheap online 0FzjkK

Paul played his guitar and sang it live, a mic on the guitar and mic on the voice. But, of course, the voice comes on to the guitar mic and the guitar comes on to the voice mic. So there's leakage there. Then I said I'd do a string quartet. The musicians objected to playing with headphones, so I gave them Paul's voice and guitar on two speakers either side of their microphones. So there's leakage of Paul's guitar and voice on the string tracks.

The leakage of sound from one track to another was a concern when the surround version of the song was mixed for Love , but it was decided to include the track nevertheless. As Martin explained in the liner notes of Love : New Look Patent Pointed Bow Detail Flat Shoe outlet recommend sale release dates 7g5EGFgeu

We agonised over the inclusion of "Yesterday" in the show. It is such a famous song, the icon of an era, but had it been heard too much? The story of the addition of the original string quartet is well known, however, few people know how limited the recording was technically, and so the case for not including it was strong, but how could we ignore such a marvellous work? We introduced it with some of Paul's guitar work from " Atp Atelier Cachi 55 leather sandals outlet 2014 newest clearance buy buy cheap great deals cheap find great o9yP6
", and hearing it now, I know it was right to include it. Its simplicity is so direct; it tugs at the heartstrings.

Concerning the debate on how the song should be released, Martin later said: "['Yesterday'] wasn't really a Beatles record and I discussed this with Brian Epstein : 'You know this is Paul's song... shall we call it Paul McCartney?' He said 'No, whatever we do we are not splitting up the Beatles.'" newest sale online sale online store Xray Calando Mens Dress Shoes discount largest supplier Tr2mOiJcR
Since "Yesterday" was unlike the Beatles' previous work and did not fit in with their image, the Beatles refused to permit the release of a single in the United Kingdom. This did not prevent footlocker cheap sale with mastercard Nike Air Max 270 Tea Berry/Bordeaux/Metallic Silver 7naXRVS3
from recording the first of many cover versions of "Yesterday". His version made it into the top ten in the UK charts soon after its release in the autumn of 1965. fashion Style online K Jacques chunky cross strap sandals brand new unisex online latest collections ly39tTO

Based on their initial evaluation, patients were divided into those with non-significant CAD, those with significant CAD by the above criteria, those with AMI on admission, and those with a history of MI (labeled NO CAD, CAD, AMI and OLD MI, respectively). Follow-up evaluation was conducted by telephone interviews and by chart review by personnel blinded to the gene expression data, between 1 and 5 years (mean 2.4 years) after blood sampling, in order to determine all cause death, non-fatal MI, and cardiovascular death. Records were also linked to the Social Security Death Index and State of Georgia records. Cardiovascular death was defined as death attributable to an ischemic cardiovascular cause (fatal MI, stroke, peripheral arterial disease) or sudden death due to an unknown cause [ discount official site Marc Ellis Phard sandals discount 2014 new cheap sale hot sale 100% original cheap online IoXwqzge
]. Medical records were accessed or requested to validate all self-reported events including MI, which was defined using standard international criteria for diagnosis.

Gene expression data have been deposited at the Gene Expression Omnibus archive under accession number [GEO:GSE49925]. Peripheral blood samples were collected immediately prior to angiography and after overnight fasting, and stored in Paxgene tubes (QIAGEN, San Diego, CA, USA) at -80°C. Microarray analysis of transcript abundance was performed by hybridization of dye-labeled RNA to Illumina HT-12 bead arrays containing probes for all human reference genes. Hybridizations for the discovery phase were performed by Expression Analysis (Durham, NC, USA) and for the replication phase by HudsonAlpha (Huntsville, AL, USA). Average bead intensity values were exported from the Illumina GenomeStudio, log base 2 transformed, and 14,343 probes that are consistently detected above background in multiple gene expression datasets that we have analyzed [ discount visit new styles cheap price Charlotte Olympia Hackney sandals purchase online cheap order low shipping sale online dFc7G
, 18 , Jimmy Choo Ren 85 sandals with credit card cheap online cheap sale 2015 new discount fashion Style eMGk2ZsLdk
] were retained for subsequent analyses. Of these probes, 232 were missing in the replication phase analysis using an updated version of the Illumina HT-12 arrays, resulting in 14,111 probes analyzed in both phases.

Two modes of data normalization were pursued in order to confirm robustness of all conclusions [ 20 ]. The primary analysis method reported in the main text employed the Supervised Normalization of Microarray (SNM) algorithm [ Tods OiledSuede Loafers cheap sale find great 2014 sale online for sale buy authentic online outlet locations cheap price buy cheap 100% original UIRid3F
, 22 ]. Secondary analyses were performed by linear mixed modeling at the transcript level [ adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers In Green CQ2796 clearance shop YdbByY
]. All downstream analysis of variance and regressions on traits was performed with JMP Genomics v5 (SAS Institute, Cary, NC, USA). Normalization was initially performed independently on the two phases to ensure independent replication, and subsequently the data were combined for meta-analysis. The variance components attributable to body mass index (BMI), gender, ethnicity, CAD status and technical plate effects are shown in Additional file discount largest supplier outlet 2015 new Office Aaron Black Leather Harness Detail Western Boots clearance sneakernews discount fast delivery JpvQT

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